Sunday Circle

Every Sunday, Peter M. Ball hosts a “Sunday Circle” over on his blog for creative types to weigh in and talk about what they’re working on, what’s inspiring them, and what they’re hung-up on. Typically, I comment directly over there, but this time, I thought I might post it here, too!

What I’m working on this week: Getting back into the novel-rewrite, I hope! It’s been sitting fallow for a week. On top of this, writing a new short story!

What’s inspiring me this week: I’ve been thinking a lot about joy lately, and what parts of the writing process or editing process bring me joy. Sometimes I get bogged down in “what I’m trying to accomplish” and forget that enjoying (at least a large portion) of what I’m doing is possibly as important to any progress I make as choosing the right words/structure/etc. I may be able to write competent sentences even if I’m uninspired by the work I’m slogging through, but that doesn’t mean anyone will enjoy them, either. Being able to project my own excitement and enjoyment through the stories I tell is definitely something I’ve found important in the past, and something I need to bring back to my current work, I think.

What I’m avoiding this week: The novel-rewrite. I’ve hit a snarl in developing the new, deeper ending, and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to get beyond it. I get that sinking-gut feeling every time it comes to mind, and I hate that, so I know I need to just give it some concentrated focus. I don’t want to waste weeks trying to figure this out (it’s already been weeks, and my goal was to get the second draft together by the end of June), however, and I don’t quite know how or when I’ll be able to make time for serious thinking time with houseguests and the Little Guy possibly giving up naps… I probably just need to relax a bit on it, because that’s typically when I’ll get a mental breakthrough. That, and maybe try flash-mapping a few totally different endings to see if any of them “click!”

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