Week Wrap-Up

It’s been hot this week, a foreshadowing of the coming summer. Three days where it’s hit 90 (or so close to it with humidity you wouldn’t be able to tell it was 89). We’ve never had air conditioning, but we broke out the window fan and have had it going full blast the last day and a half. It helps a little, and at least at night it cools off tolerably.

It’s late, and Andy’s finally on his way home, so I’m looking forward to an evening of craft beer, chitchat, and maybe an episode or so of one of those goofy, ridiculous, 20 minute shows–Reno 911/Raising Hope, possibly. I got Andy the full series of Reno 911 for Mother’s Day/Father’s Day as something short we can watch even on nights he gets off late (and it’s a show that seriously makes him guffaw, which if you’ve ever seen his stressed-out face lately, you’d know he needs more than anything!).

Writing-wise, it’s been an OK week. I think today I finally kicked down a mental wall I’ve been struggling with on the Act I extended outline for the current novel WiP, and that feel pretty good, anyway, even if I can tell the first chunk is waaaaay too long for an estimated 80k book. Oh well. I’ll worry about that later! At least it’s progress.

Contemplating a blog series, maybe “vegetarian” food oriented (though not necessarily “healthy” food, since my list currently involves S’mores Brownies), or I saw a list of 30 brief writing prompts that might be fun to challenge myself with just for shits and giggles, but we’ll see. No decisions on that yet. I’ll think about it over the weekend and maybe do some brainstorming. I tend to like it when blogs are more casual, like a public journal or writing progress tracking. (I absolutely adore Cherie Priest’s blog, and have borrowed its form before in the past.) So I’m not entirely 100% on the pre-planned, organized posting. But I’ll think about it. An ABC’s of Writing with Kids might be funny after I read Life Among the Savages

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