The Sunday Circle (10.16.16)

Phew, another week gone already! Yikes, where is October going? (To find out more about The Sunday Circle, check out Peter M. Ball’s blog, here.)

What am I working on this week? Last week, I finally overcame the major mental roadblock that was holding me back on the current editing project, and figured out what I need to do to move forward. That said, what I figured out is going to require a lot of combing over certain sections of text to get it to sound right, and that’s going to take time, and I really want to get this out by the end of the month, SO! This week, I’m going to do at least one full pass over the six short segments that need rhythmic and stylistic changes and get that as close to tolerable as I can. If there’s time, I’ll see if I can start culling the word counts of the other segments I haven’t even touched yet to get the story down to a reasonable length.

What’s inspiring me this week? I *just* started watching Gotham, and dear lord, I’m in love with this show so far. I mean, it’s possible the writers could let everything drop, since I’m only a few episodes in, but I absolutely adore how every choice and every action ends up creating waves of consequences (I’m looking at you, Balloonman!). The Penguin is terrifying, and I adore his code-switching: wimpy and groveling with those he doesn’t want to yet offend, and absolutely terrifying when he’s in the power position. The fact that nobody–including the villains–see him coming, so it’s this awful, wonderful secret only the audience gets in on. The easter egg-feeling for the long-time fans of the Gotham universe. The fact that they haven’t eliminated or vanished all the badass female characters I grew up adoring. The absolutely spooky aesthetic that somehow makes seemingly absurd ideas (I’m looking at you again, Balloonman…) terrifying and thrilling. How a truly honorable, good, well-meaning character can make a good, honorable, well-intentioned choice that has horrible, horrible consequences due to one tiny piece of missing information. The awkward and adjusting relationship between orphaned twelve year old Bruce Wayne and Alfred, his guardian/parent-figure and butler/employee. It’s dark, but it maintains the absurdity of it’s roots and the fact that so many of its villains are totally nuts. Oh! And the overwhelming uncertainty of fixing an almost impossibly broken system of power…It’s got a lot of good things going for it.

I seriously just watch it and giggle and mutter to myself like a crazy person. It’s fabulous. And that’s not to say it’s without flaws. Sometimes the episodes seem…short-changed. I freaking hate its tendency to end on blatant cliff-hangers. I still can’t quite get behind Selina’s funky-cool (and in good condition) style, (and hair highlights) given she’s supposed to be a street rat kid struggling to get by. But she’s still so fun! In short, I’m having a wonderful time.

What am I avoiding? Ugh, not so much what I’m avoiding now, so much as what I ended up avoiding last week. I’m feeling the pressure of only having two more weeks to finish the current edit, and with incoming house guests, making a halloween costume, and general chaos from a shifting schedule, I’m not sure how much time I’ll ultimately get to work on it. I’ve got to get these sections to a good-enough place, and I need to comb through the other POV sections to trim them back, because they’re definitely long… Just hoping I can get things wrapped by the 31st…

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