Notes from a Poly-Reader #9

This month has been, eh, slower than I’d like. While I cleared the requisite five books last month, this month–with combo-punch of wisdom teeth extraction and hubby vaca–has gotten off at a crawl. I’m also running into the inevitable chaos of The Holiday Season, of which I’m hosting not just Thanksgiving but Christmas as well, which is a new experience (though thankfully, both are for small crowds!). I was hoping to keep up my pace of five books finished a month, but now I’m thinking I may just try to wrap up the books I’ve still got on my list (some of which have been there for months and months… (I’M LOOKING AT YOU STYLE…)), and maybe a fiction magazine or two. So the current list is:


 Cricket – Nov/Dec 2016 – This is just on my list because although I haven’t technically started it yet, I fully intend to read this by end of December.

The Strand Magazine – June-Sept 2016 – I’ve finished one story in this, which was a fine story, but haven’t yet made it to the others yet. This may be one I can wrap up this month if I pay attention.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – 128 of some 400-ish? – I don’t have this one on hand while I write this, but I’m fairly certain it’s about 400-ish pages. I’ve made some decent progress on this and am finally down to my last renewal, so I must finish this one by 12/7. Which I fully intend to do. I’m not sure why I’m having such a challenge with this one, because the subject matter does seem interesting. I do wonder if it’s because often I’m reading while also keeping an eye on Bug (or during a movie when he’s happily occupied), which leads to less than 100% attention on a text, and this one really does require a fully-conscious driver behind the wheel. There are just too many names, too many subtle shifts in relationship info, too many details to not be completely devoted to it, and that may be something I can’t bring to the table just now.

The Soul of an Octopus – Same place I’ve been the last few months without having it on hand. I think I’ve pretty much decided to buy this one as my November read, and just try to plow through it by the end of the month, because I really, really loved the audiobook when I started it, and just want to get back to that happy place.

The Year’s Best DF & H 2014 – Same place I was before, and it’s still sitting in the same spot on my side table. BUT! Trying to avoid picking up new books I’m hoping will make room for this one, because I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve read in it so far and am looking forward to more time with it.

Selected Stories of O. Henry – I’ve actually been reading this one (*cough* like, two stories…*cough*), and it’s reminding me why I love O. Henry. Just need to put some attention and love into this one, because once I dig into it, I know it’ll fly.

Style – 

I’ve even added it to my Habit Tracker to try to stay on top of it, but HAS IT HELPED?!

Osama – Okay, okay, I’m at about 69% on this one, so I’m creeeeeeeeeping forward on it again. I’ve just passed a *hint* of a possible breakthrough in the story, so hopefully the pacing will pick up a tiny bit and we’ll finally start to figure out what the hell is going on, which I’m looking forward to, because I think the reveal is going to be worth it. But it’s definitely making me consider how pacing and info-reveal work together to create tension and simultaneously defeat it. With some focus, I may be able to get this one done by the end of the month, but Tinker is taking priority, so this one may slip into Dec.


So there you go! The hopefully complete reading list until January 2017, though I’ll still update at the start of December as to where I’m at with wrapping this list up. If I can finish all of these by 12/31, I’ll have broken my 55 book goal for the year, which will delight the hell out of me! That’s what I want. COME ON! One goal to hit!

Better get back to it…

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