The Monday Circle: Never Say Tomorrow

(For more about the Sunday Circle, check out Peter M. Ball’s site here.)

Laaaaaaaaate agaaaaaaaaaaaaain! I’m going to have to review how I make time for this weekly check in, because over the past year, this has been such a rewarding process.

Last week, despite the holiday craziness and houseguests, I managed to stay on target and hit the necessary deadlines I’d set for keeping this edit on track. So:

This week I’m working on: Finishing the first edit run through, possibly sending it to a friend for a quick beta read if she has time, and starting on the word-count cull pass, which I’m hoping to have done by the 16th of December. (It always takes longer than I feel like it should, but I know better than to underestimate how long it’ll take!)

What’s inspiring me this week: Just saw Star Trek Beyond, which was an interesting experience. I’m still processing a bit, but it kind of highlighted for me the importance of pacing, and how offsetting action with character-building scenes is absolutely necessary to make the action sequences meaningful.

Otherwise, gunning through the last section of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, and am still in awe with both leCarre’s ability to make chapters-worth of reading through documents somehow totally gripping, and the way a seemingly innocuous conversation at the start of the book (which at the time is almost incomprehensible because the characters are talking about things they know but the reader doesn’t yet have context for) can massively blossom with meaning upon review after certain vital pieces of info are revealed later in the book. It kind of reminds me of a language class, where you start by hearing the native speakers having a conversation, but only later when you’ve learned the meaning of the words included in that opening convo does everything seem to click into place conceptually. It’s really neat.

Oh! And I finally got Soul of an Octopus on audiobook and am still loving it. So much fascinating stuff about a truly alien-like intelligent species in our seas. ^_^

What I’m avoiding: Just getting back into the normal swing of things after the holidays and the usual disruptions. The desire to do nothing is pretty strong, but I know it’ll wear off with time, and it’ll feel good to be making progress again.

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