The Sunday Circle: Under the Wire

*Phew!* So, uh, January kinda disappeared, didn’t it? With being sick and prepping for and then actually engaging in two weeks of traveling with a 2.5 year old, this month’s productivity has kind of gone to the dogs. And boy, am I tired! So going into February, my primary goal is to get reenergized as I start a brand new novel on the 1st.

This week, I’m working on: Getting psyched up for my first words on the new novel project come Wednesday. I’m still pretty brain-dead from travel, and I need to get back in the creative mindset. And then, Wednesday, you know–actually starting the thing. I’m aiming lightly for 1k/day-ish, but I’m also curious to see what works best for me in terms of quality work. So we’ll see! But the goal is to try to wrap the rough draft by end of May.

What’s inspiring me this week: I’m in a major input slump (travel was unkind to my reading goals) so I’m feeling rather withered this week. I’ve been mostly intrigued by cheap organizational tactics on Pinterest, and (shame!) *finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy (the first one) in full yesterday, which I thoroughly enjoyed for its snark, aesthetic, and fun. That, and just saw What We Do in the Shadows, which hit that perfect humorous pitch I needed. 

What am I avoiding? Nothing deliberately, but am very mind-numb and socially exhausted, which is making it hard to get energized about anything. Time to get back to reading and really dig deep!

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