Day 35: Mulligan!

In Which Our Author Begins Again, Again…

Project Title: The Mistress of Frosthaven
Genre: YA – Dark Fantasy
Words Today: 2292
Running Total: 2292
Scrap Draft: (6,453 + Version One: 24,689) Version 2.0: 1079

Rewrote the entire first scene again, this time starting a little later in the timeline and a little closer to the important event that gets the story rolling. Also lightened the tone, because the first one was veeeeeery exposition heavy, and though I liked the darkness of it, I do want a tiny bit of levity in there. Also, I had to look up–like–five words while writing to make sure I was using them properly. I was, but they were all rather lucky guesses, but I love it when that happens. Context for the win!

I think I’ve really got the voice now, though, and my main character is coming alive in ways I’ve wanted her to since the very beginning. She’s really becoming who I wanted to spend all of this story with. But BOY did it take quite a few scrap words to get there… Only a little over 30k, ammiright?

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