Screen-Free Anxiety

This week (from 7/3-7/7) I’m trying to go screen-free. The fact that it seems like such a huge deal and every day leading up to it has opened my eyes to all the unconscious ways screens dominate my day-to-day life has made me fairly confident it will be an interesting experiment.

There are a few caveats, of course. I am allowing myself to check my email once a day at a set time, but only email, and only that once. Basically, my computer should stay shut the whole week. I’m also allowing myself any minute screen time required for making and accepting phone calls, but no texts, apps, etc., because the goal here isn’t to totally cut myself off from humanity. Just to see what shaking up my ordinary screen-life might be like.

I meant to do a proper Sunday Circle check-in, but it’s getting late. I’m hoping to start up the “practice writing” habit again (a la Writing Down the Bones), and I’m going to try to read a lot, too. But I’ll be back next weekend, and maybe will have some interesting insight into what going screen free (even for just five days) was like.

See you Saturday!


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