The Sunday Circle: 10.8.17

Productive week last week! Finished the novel WiP read-through (and scene list and time map) a bit early, and took a little extra time to write down a list of everything I loved (ideas, descriptions, whatever compelled me to put down an “I love this!” post-it while reading). It needs a lot of work, but I was pleased by how many little things I liked, too. Now’s just the challenge of figuring out how to salvage as many of those things as I can while giving the novel a huge overhaul.

Reading-wise, didn’t get in as much as I was hoping, and then thoughts on the novel direction have been shifting, which has made me reevaluate the usefulness of the particular research books I have for this particular project.

What I’m working on this week: Problem list and beginning to get those issues organized so I have something concrete to work on moving forward. I’ve already caught myself trying to solve one major issue ahead of compiling my list, so I need to focus on getting the actual issues down on paper so I can see them as a whole. And then, continuing the reading of the current book, which will still probably be useful regardless of direction.

What I’m inspired by: Was still really drawn (ha!) to the Marvel-style of comic art this past week, how pencilers utilize structure lines to define face shapes and capture that slightly more realistic look. It’s an art-form I’ve always admired, but have less experience with it than I’d like. Also, have been going totally nuts for the art of Mobieus, and am seriously considering picking up Azark and Edena used despite my French being so rusty I can’t get more than a general gist of dialogue. Still: might be worth it.

Also just watched The World’s End (Simon Pegg/Nick Frost) last weekend, which led to some very interesting discussion about what plot elements are so crucial that if you skip them or do them weakly just lead to massive disappointment in the payoff, in addition to how what you set up in the beginning is the tone and feel one expects throughout the story (and why–despite the massive tonal shift at midpoint–it worked so well for us in Hot Fuzz).

What action I need to take: Not writing-wise so much as health-wise: I need to get back into a regular exercise practice. I did some beginner yoga stuff a few weeks back for the whole of the week and it made a surprising difference, so I’m really, really going to try to pick that up again and make it a habit.

1 thought on “The Sunday Circle: 10.8.17”

  1. Good to hear you’ve had a productive week Maggie. I agree that regular exercise is so important – it really helps me function better in everything else I have to manage.

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