The (Monday) Circle: Again

Oh man, I was completely planning to have a Sunday Circle up on time this week, and yet here we are again, Monday night. Ah well. Sundays must just be tricky days for me to get online. On the plus side, I’m not often on my computer much over the weekend, so I suppose that’s not a terrible thing.

Still chunking away at the novel rewrite. I’ve gotten some good feedback from a few beta readers, and am rounding the bend on getting down some concrete (ish) solutions to all of those issues prior to sitting my tail down and getting a summary draft of the rewrite together so I can truly see if the changes I’m thinking of will be functional fixes.

This Week, I’m Working on: Getting the last handful of issues resolved and answering some final questions regarding secondary character motivation and world-building concerns. I’ve been carrying around a pocket of notecards with the questions scrawled on them, and I’m trying my damnedest to answer at least one a day. If I can manage that, then by Saturday, I should be able to import the solutions into the revision notebook, and hopefully kickstart Sunday by beginning the official Summary Draft – Version 2.0.

This Week, I’m Inspired By: Just finished reading A Question of Balance: Artists and Writers on Motherhood by Judith Pierce Rosenberg, and it’s been very helpful in squaring my inner critic with reality. The vast majority of the women interviewed were fairly career-established by the time they had children, but it’s been really comforting to see their takes on the day-to-day struggle of creating things with small children about. I definitely came away from it feeling charged, challenged, and in many ways vindicated that yes, it is hard to create with toddlers around, particularly because producing art of any kind is so much a mental process, and mental space is often hard to come by when surrounded by little ones. It’s also helped me to recognize where I may at times excuse myself for not getting quite as much done when really, I could get a bit (not a lot, but a bit) more accomplished with a little more time given to achievable goal-setting, and by simply (—AHHHH, since typing this paragraph I’ve had to get up three times to get my son various items for the game he’s playing, and the near incessant stream of chatter is making it very difficult to concentrate on writing a cohesive sentence…AAAAANd…I’ve lost my train of thought…) ANYWAY: It’s hard. Pro-artists and pro-writers find it hard, too, so it’s not just me. It will get easier. It will get harder, in ways, too. But I picked up quite a few nuggets of inspiration and support along the way, so I’m feeling a bit rejuvenated and ready to hit the words running.

Also, any notebook threads on Pinterest. PILES OF NOTEBOOKS. They make me so happy… <3

What Action Do I Need to Take?: Well, I actually kind of tackled this yesterday night, but I needed to sit down and take a serious look at long-term goals and what smaller steps I might take towards the end of this year and into next year to get closer to those goals. And I did that! So I’m feeling pretty confident that I can end the year strong and be a little more focused next year. Otherwise: reading. I’d really like to wrap the year with a couple more books under the belt, so I need to make sure I give myself that time.

1 thought on “The (Monday) Circle: Again”

  1. Finding time for anything when you have toddlers is hard Maggie. It takes discipline to keep going when sometimes you, if you get a quiet moment, you just want to fall asleep on the couch! Kudos to you!

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