Well, the Bug’s cold finally caught up with me after last week’s latest battle with Croup (yay). It’s that awful kind of cold, too, where you’re completely stuffed up but snot is just streaming out of your nose and there’s nothing you can do about it. Buh. That said, this morning after dragging my butt out of bed and getting Bug off to school, I set my tail down on the couch under a nice fluffy blanket, stuffed a tissue up my nose, tucked in the cat, and pounded away on the novel rewrite.

This is what commitment looks like, ammiright?

I got it done, which I need to document for those other days when I’m whining about how I don’t take writing seriously enough (*cough*bull*cough*), and to myself, I say: “This is what commitment looks like, bitches.” #writerswrite

At least I’ll be able to look back at this picture and say, oh yeeeeah, I did get my daily writing done even when I felt like shit… I don’t always, but today I did. Good for me! Now for tea and Property Brothers for my last little bit of quiet for the day…

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