Sunday Circle: 05.12.19

Finally starting to feel more like myself after the last few days of absolute garbage. Sick with a cold, with allergies, and just gross–ugh. Still have a sore throat, cough, a few drips, but thank goodness for the rain that at least has kept the eyes from streaming tears and itching like crazy. I’ll take it.

Enjoying a quiet Mother’s Day, trying to recuperate, but did get out for breakfast with Bug and Andy, which was so nice after being almost bed-bound for the past two days. Here’s hoping we just keep getting better from here!

What I’m working on this week: Getting back up to speed on 1k/day hopefully, and avoiding falling behind despite two days decimated by sickness.

What’s inspiring me this week: Inspiration has been tough this week, as TV has been pretty much the only thing either Bug or me has been up to doing. That said, I must commend Wall-E as a fantastic film–it’s Bug’s favorite movie, and we’ve seen it three times in the past two weeks, and every time I end up watching, despite planning to read or do other things–it just sucks me in. If that’s not excellent story telling (even knowing the film almost line-for-line), I don’t know what is.

Also just started watching Empire, which is one of those shows I’ve always been curious about, but haven’t ever seen. Well, I’m completely hooked now. It’s like everything I wanted Luke Cage to be, minus the superhero elements (though if the Empire producers had done that show, HOT DAMN, it would have been perfect). And I love the additional mix of music and the creative process of creating music–it’s just such a cool, fascinating show that always keeps me on my toes and fixated on what happens next.

What action do I need to take?: I definitely need to get back into the regular exercise routine, but that’s somewhat dependent on how quickly I feel better. But as soon as I can, at least getting back into walking would be good to warm back up to where I was before.

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