A Friday Update: Babies, Story Sales, and Small Goals

Greetings from Newbabyton! We’re officially settling into the new norm here at Chez Slater. My mom left last Saturday after spending a couple of weeks helping us get back on our feet, so this was the first week we had to fend for ourselves. Although I’m definitely hitting the “cabin fever” phase of post-pregnancy and wanted to start reestablishing some of my usual creative routines, I also didn’t want to overwhelm myself by trying to do too much, too fast. So I set a goal to try writing 500 words on two occasions this past week, and to start reading a short story a day again. These are probably the two most fundamental habits that keep me on-task. And I did okay! While I didn’t read a short story EVERY day, I did read three, and I wrote 500 words on four occasions, one session–thanks to a particularly stable nap by the wee one–I managed over 1,500 words, which felt great. Still a bit rough as to the most strategic next moves, project-wise, but we’ll get there. Small steps.

Otherwise, this week I received a couple rejections, and confirmed that a contract for a sold short story did–in fact–make it to the editor (it did!). That’s this month’s biggest news (aside from, you know, NEW HUMAN LIFE IN OUR TINY HOME ZOMG HE’S SO FREAKING CUTE YOU GUYS AND HE DOESN’T VOMIT LIKE THE EXORCIST KID THE WAY MY FIRST DID AND HE MAY–MAY!–ACTUALLY NAP HOLY CRAP!): I sold two of my absolute favorite short stories! The first, “The Miracle of Jane,” a far-future near-extinction story, sold to Bards & Sages Quarterly, and “Tower’s End,” a somewhat allegorical fantasy tale about modern dating, to the lovely Bronzeville Bee (which, due to its new pay scale, also makes it my second official pro-sale! WOO!). “Jane” is coming out, I believe, in April, and “Tower” is coming in either February or March. I cannot express how freaking excited I am about the fact that both of these stories found good homes.

On the opposite spectrum, I’ve got a couple of stories that I really like that have almost run their full markets gauntlet, which means they may be retired soon. Ah well. Both the sales and retirements will bring my submittable stable of stories down to four, which means sooner or later I’ll have to polish up some new work and get them out and about.

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty uneventful week, comprised mostly of watching Castlevania on Netflix, and mainlining Endeavour. One of these days, I’m going to clean off my writing desk after almost a year of neglect and general pile-up, and may even document the before and after on this blog. We’ll see! I need to do a Poly-Reader post soon, too, if only to remind myself what’s in my current reading pile (last I checked, I had nine books on the docket).

Next week, I’m shooting to get back to reading a short story a day in earnest, and maybe try to fit in three times of writing 500 words/day. Here’s hoping!

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