Friday Update: Weird, Merengues, and 3.5

Hello again from Newbabyton, where *yawn* I got about 3.5 non-consecutive hours of sleep last night. It’s been that kind of week. G-Bug has started abandoning his eat/poop/eat/sleep routine for an eat/poop schedule, foregoing the sleep almost entirely during the day save for tiny little lap-naps which of course end when I attempt to put him down. Ah well! I keep reminding myself that this phase doesn’t last forever, so enjoy the snuggles and the excuse to sit around and do nothing. I’ll miss these hazy, sleep-deprived days when G-Bug starts crawling and it’s go, go, go all the time!

But I did manage to make strawberry merengue roses and chocolate-dipped strawberries for Valentine’s Day, and despite having no experience piping, they seem to have come out all right!

“Tower’s End” came out on Sunday at the Bronzeville Bee, which was lovely. I also started the LitReactor class I’m taking, “Writing the Weird” with JS Breukelaar on Tuesday. It’s early days yet, so not having too much trouble keeping up with it on my phone, but we’ll see how it goes once it picks up.

I did half-ok on reading a story a day, and wrote one bunch of 1k+ words midweek, though other than pulling out and rereading a printed draft of a story to edit, I didn’t get much else done. Maybe next week I’ll have more luck!

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