Friday Update: Game Making, Sentence Scraping, and Homeschooling

It’s been a strained week, I must say. I was hoping to get my April Poly-reader Notes up, but yeeeeeah, that didn’t happen. I did actually finish a couple of books this last week, so that’s opened up some space on the list at long last, which I’ll touch more on when I DO finally get a chance to put that post together. The biggest challenge is trying to homeschool a rambunctious kindergartener who would so much rather do anything else than school work and is processing the whole pandemic-no-school thing in somewhat explosively frustrated ways, while simultaneously dealing with an infant who’s going through a growth spurt and is therefore very demand-y himself. I’m tired. So, so very tired. And it’s a lot to try to keep up educational expectations that full-time kindergarten is supposed to meet at home. There are just so many more distractions, and no friends around to burn off excess energy with, and hey–I’ll admit it. I’m not 100% motivated either. There’s a lot going on right now out in the world. It’s exhausting just hearing about it. It’s stressful hearing about it, especially with a possibly more vulnerable baby at home. It’s frustrating not to be able to get out into nature as much as we’d like and just go for a hike or a run or literally ANYTHING. Self-isolating has finally started catching up with us.

That said, I’ve still managed to scrape a couple paragraphs forward on writing most days (not all: only when G-bug allows by napping), and I’ve been occupying my lizard brain with creating a card game, because WHY THE HELL NOT? So that’s been interesting. It’s on it’s 7th evolution now, trying to trade out “draw” cards for a die, and see how that affects gameplay.

I’ve also started having some ideas about Frosthaven, which I’m not 100% sure I feel good about, but may be necessary to evolve IT to its next form… Trying to keep an open mind and follow the fun. So we’ll see.

Otherwise, we’re all hanging in here at Chez Slater. Andy doesn’t have to go into work at the hospital all that often, as on his current Fellowship, his clinic is mostly non-urgent, minus a few urgent cases here and there, so we’ve been lucky thus far. We’ve got our system for decontaminating and cleaning as best we can in the chaos, and otherwise are just trying to be patient with one another. Hoping I’ll get the Poly-reader Notes up next week, and until then, stay safe and be kind to one another!

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