A Day of Rain and Lentils

Today in Mommyland…

Buh, how are Mondays still challenging, even when weeks no longer have any meaning? I’m not even sure where today went. I did get me and Andy’s laundry done (thank goodness–finally caught up with kiddo laundry, as pooped-in/peed-in/barfed-on clothes take precedence here–so the adults should have some fresh clothes to wear at last!), and I made Three Ingredient Lentil Tortillas (which are surprisingly filling and tasty, actually, especially with salted butter and honey), and got B-Bug to do some school work. Otherwise, though, it’s been a dark/rainy/drowsy kind of day, during which I’ve felt wretchedly unproductive…

(Oh! But you guys, I made these INSANE BAGELS OF AWESOMENESS this weekend, and they’re just chewy, delicious, and crazy easy to make if you don’t mind a little kneading. Just WOW.)

(Just sub in “bagels” for “potatoes”…)

Today in Writerland…

BUT-! I sold another story! WOOHOO!!! Since the contract is already signed, I can officially announced that my SF story “Deadhead” will be coming out in Abyss & Apex Magazine sometime in 2021! I’m so thrilled. I’ve always enjoyed A&A‘s work, and it’s a market I’ve been wanting to crack for years, so this feels just… AH. Happy.

That said, I am not worrying in the least about writing new words this week (or probably next week), given that we’re swinging into full-fledged moving madness, which won’t really die down until after the 27th. That said, I might get some work done during this time, but I’m really letting myself off the hook for the most part.

But, do keep a look out as I’ll be posting some interviews with the good folks featured in Negative Space: An Anthology of Survival Horror (ed. Aric Sundquist)–which also contains my short SF survival horror story, “Rhapsody in Flesh Minor”–as that collection is coming out in June 2020! Woohoo!

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