Progress Update: 6/1-6/5

Managed to make a decent amount of progress this week, despite not writing every day. About a week ago, I got a monthly planner that has both the month-view and week-view, and I’ve been trying to be diligent about noting daily word counts and keeping something of a progress journal in the week-pages. I just ordered a bunch of tiny circle stickers so I can get back to rewarding myself with sticker badges for accomplishing certain goals (though I have yet to assign what these goals will be–probably 500 word blocks, at least, so 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 etc.–I’m getting a lot of stickers). I also began thinking about what work needs to be done for the handful of short stories I have in draft-form that need to move to finished-form for submission. I’ve run down my stable of submittable stories, so I really, really (really) need to get some new stuff out there, and I’ve got some drafts I’d love to polish up and send out…if I could just get time. But I managed to add ~2,800+ words to the novel work-in-progress, which ain’t half bad.

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