Ebooks, Injured Toes, & Fountains of Drool!

Quick update from here at Chez Slater! The Negative Space ebook is now available for purchase at Amazon for $3.99! More interviews with story authors from that anthology are coming every other day for the next couple weeks.

In other news, I’ve got three stories on hold at various lovely markets, and I just found out I sold one beloved story to a market I’ve always enjoyed working with, so once those edits and contract are in hand, I’ll announce it! Woohoo! Four sales in 2020 so far! I reeeeeally need to beef up my stable of stories, because I’m running out. It’s a good problem to have, until you struggle to find time to write/edit new stories!

Also, I maaaay have broken my pinky toe (yay). I’m hoping it’s just strained badly (clearly bruised on both sides) and that my gummy ligaments kept it from more damage, but it’s made moving about the house with a hefty 15 pound 5mo somewhat challenging… Because of this, though, I’ve been trying to take it easy and not focus too much on “being productive” which tends to stress me out. Instead, I’ve been mainlining The Mary Tyler Moore Show and daydreaming about rehabbing my (not very curated or grown-up) wardrobe while obsessively searching Pinterest for styling ideas and knitting/sewing garment projects. (Oh! Note to my flats-wearing readers: I just got a pair of Allbird flats for the first time, as the reviews said they were incredibly comfortable and I’m always on the lookout for a comfy pair of slip-ons, and HOLY CRAP. They’re insanely comfortable. I hate shoes that chew up the back of my heel, but these are fabric and sooooo nice. I’m half thinking about getting another pair in case they change their design at some point and make them less comfortable, because I seriously live in flats…)

In more insane news, I went ahead and got a rotary cutter and board because I’ve been meaning to for ages, and Andy is hoping I’ll try sewing him a button-down shirt (he’s tall and slim which tends to be a challenge to fit via ready-to-wear), so we’ll see how THAT works out! Haha! XD

I’ve also been further developing a card game I started putting together at the beginning of the pandemic (no reason for that correlation, other than we were playing a lot of card games post-Xmas), which has been going rather well, though my family is likely starting to get sick as hell of me forcing them to play. XD Goldbug has started toothing (fountains of drool!), so we’ve been very damp and slimy around here, in addition to going through LOTS of bibs and laundry. Still, he doesn’t spit up a quarter as much as B-Bug did, so I consider myself lucky!

Hope all’s well out there for you guys, and stay healthy! <3

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