Progress Update: 6/22-6/26

Didn’t get a huge amount done early in the week, due mostly to feeling sorry for myself and my toe, but finally set up a reward plan for editing. One of the challenges of motivating myself to work on edits is that it defies easy quantification. 500, 1000, 1500 new words feels like progress, but editing is so much more fluid. Progress is harder to measure. You work for an hour, retyping the same passage over and over, only to delete it completely–does that count as “progress”?

But for lack of better options, I’ve decided to mark editing progress by time segments. So 25 minutes of editing is now the equivalent of 500 new words, and I get stickers for each segment completed! At least that gets me started. And after two days I’ve gotten a large chunk of a story retyped and tweaked, so reasonable! If I can make a little progress everyday, maybe I’ll have something new to submit soon!

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