Andromeda Spaceways, Pomodoros, and Booklights

Andromeda Spaceways Magazine #79 is now out! Woohoo! This issue contains “Any Day but Today…”, my snarky superhero short story. It’s only $4.95 AUD (~$3.50 USD) for an electronic copy in ePub/Mobi/PDF. And that cover-! OMG, I love it! :D

This week has been a bit better for productivity, and insanely good for reading. I managed to get a little dedicated time last weekend in which I managed to squeak in a few Pomodoros*, and then this week, switching to trying to work during that first nap was definitely a better plan. Overall, I’ve gotten through the word-cull phase and today just need to do the out-loud read, tweak it, and have one final external reader check it over for typos and inconsistencies I may have inadvertently edited in. So pretty close to getting “Candyland” out! That means it’s itinerary-building time, so I’m compiling my list of markets. Can I just say how much I love writing fiction in the 3k-5k range? There are so many more markets things can go to! :D

Reading-wise, we started putting Goldbug down a little earlier, which still requires me to stay somewhat close at hand, so I’ve been using those evening hours to read like a madwoman. It’s been great! I got a wireless booklight that has been incredibly useful (super long battery life, and very easy to use–I’m thinking of getting another one for B-Bug). I’ve been focusing on two books specifically, Wild Swans by Jung Chang and Creativity for Life by Eric Maisel, PhD. Both are very interesting in different ways, and I’ve been really enjoying them. Keep an eye out for an updated Poly-Reader Notes for August coming up soon!

Otherwise, it’s been a hot and uneventful week. But Goldbug’s melting down for his AM nap, so I’ll have to cut this short. Hope everybody’s staying safe and healthy!

*Oh, I also finally got a couple new jeans (via Reformation and Levi’s, both of which are doing a lot for sustainable clothing manufacturing) that aren’t maternity pants! I’m starting to feel like a human again! XD Small victories!

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