Writerly Camaraderie, Stately Bureaucracy, and Unreliable Napping Expectations

This week had some highs and lows on the writing front. On the one hand, I submitted “Candyland” for the first time, which felt great. I attended a Zoom writing accountability group which a good friend of mine recommended, and it was fantastic to even just listen to other writers talk about what they’re goals are and what they’re working on! I’ve really missed the writing community out in the PacNW. Goldbug mostly tolerated it in his Bjorn, and I got to sent a couple goals of my own for next week!

Also in the positive end, we finally got the car registered and made an appointment for it to be inspected, and made appointments for getting our driver’s licenses updated (because everything is by appointment these COVID days), so got a lot crossed off that list.

But the rest of the week was awash in anxiety and a stubborn sluggishness, amplified by days of less than optimal naps and light/tossing-turning sleep from Goldbug, which made getting any actual writing work done almost impossible. (As an example, just tried to see if he might sleep in his swing a bit for his AM nap, which could give me some focused time to work, but no–at least for today, the swing’s a no go. And even while he was somewhat happy in the swing, my brain feels like I’m trying to braid pudding: just not working well…) *sigh*

Just a rather emotionally draining week, perhaps in part because of getting some good stuff done early on, and part for lacking the restorative reading in the evenings that keeps me sane. Normally, Goldbug naps well enough for me to at least work a tiny bit, but this week, even reaching for a book on my book stand seems to break the sleep spell, and heaven forbid I should leave the room to go to the bathroom! Guaranteed angry, and awake, baby. (How dare you depart, Mommy!) But I’m probably just a bit spoiled because he’s such a better napper than B-Bug was at this age, I’m coming to expect a little quiet time during the day…

I’m hoping to get a little time to myself this weekend, maybe just a couple of hours, to work on getting a flash story ready to submit. It needs more think-y edits, and my brain needs time to focus on it without interruption if I’m ever going to get it into shape. *fingers crossed*

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