Belated Updates, Momentary Obsessions, & Official Documentation Achieved!

+ SO LATE updating this weekend from last week. So I’m keeping it brief. I did get all my edit plans completed, plus an extra one, and read all of Bartleby: The Scrivener, but I didn’t move forward on any specific edits, and I missed one of the one short story/day. This week, I’m going to: (1) Do a quick, quarterly check-in to see where I’m standing, (2) read 1 story/day, and (3) make a plan for what to focus on moving forward.

+ Officially residents! That’s right! We are officially residents of NH once again, and while there are still a few loose ends to wrap up and plenty of non-urgent paperwork to complete for insurance/etc., getting my NH license was a HUGE weight lifted. My whole week had been gearing up for that one task, and boy. Once I got that done, I pretty much let myself give up on the week and threw myself over the weekend finish line.

Which is at least partly responsible for…

+ Checking my brain at the Sims 4 door: Let me start by saying: this is not my fault. (LOL, yes it is, who am I kidding, but the INCITING EVENT was my folks’ buying a home design app and the B-Bug wanting to use it, but it’s way too hard for a kiddo because it’s a professional app.) I DID IT FOR HIM. I technically already had Sims 4 from ages ago, but my computer had gotten too old to run it well, even on Origin, so I deleted it for room. But I found my old log-in info and Andy’s computer is way more powerful than mine soooooooo

Yeah, I got the itch and have been playing all weekend. I know, I know. I didn’t get anything really done Friday/Saturday/Sunday, but it’s hella fun, and I’m all into my little dudes and dudettes now. It’s been a long time since I just played, with no aim but just to have a good time. It reminds me that I need to go back and review The Artist’s Way and build in time to just play. I’m a vastly happier and more productive person when I allow for that.

But it’s a new week now, and I’ve got to reign it in and get back to the tasks at hand. I’m going to do a quarterly check-in for where I’m at writing-wise this year so I can make sure I’m focusing in the right areas moving forward. Since December is always a scrap month where I get little done, this is a good time to make sure I’m still on track, while still having time to course-correct before the end of the year. (GEEZ, can you believe Goldbug is rounding on a YEAR in the next handful of months? He’s crawling like a champ, now, stuffing himself with rusks and pureed carrots, and pulling up on anything he can get his wee hands on…)

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