Friday Updates: Holiday Edition!

I’m sitting in a preternatural silence. Christmas is over, and the boys are off with Andy to check out the swollen stream down the street (safely, of course). I’ve squeaked in a bit of writing–mostly notes, today, but prose-notes–and tidied up a little after the whirlwind of flying paper and (modest) explosion of new toys all over the living room.

Guys, it’s so quiet. I didn’t even remember it was possible to hear my internal monologue so clearly. XD

This week wasn’t actually completely lost to progress, despite the usual holiday brouhaha. I wrote about 2,300 words-ish, some on the novel, some on the short story I’ve been toying with. I just broke out my brand new “From Santa” bluetooth keyboard for my phone, which is charmingly easier to write on. Here’s hoping it works for a long time!

It’s also getting into goal-setting/year-reviewing season, so expect a formal “Year in Review” post in a couple days here, either combined with or followed quickly by a “2021 Goals” post. It has been a good year, writing-wise. Life-wise, it’s been good, with the new addition, moving back to NH, and Andy starting his big-boy job out of residency, but also completely insane due to the pandemic. Even exchanging a too-small pair of boots becomes fraught when it’s bought in a store in MA, and MA has a quarantine requirement for visitors. Ah, 2020, I will not miss you.

In the meantime, hope everyone had a good holiday season, and is staying safe and healthy and finding some joy in the small things this season. But if you’re not, I also totally understand that. Here’s hoping we’re soon going to start turning a corner towards a new relative-normal! Hugs all around!

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