(Belated) Friday Update: Highs, Lows, and the Rise and Fall of Femmeputer

It was the best of weeks; it was the worst of weeks. Some of the highs came on days that seemed like they’d be the lows, and some of the lows came on days that seemed pre-destined to be highs.


No-nap day, which I managed to muscle through and produce 340 words despite the fact that the baby didn’t sleep, the computer battery was dead, and I didn’t have access to any of the notes I needed. HIGH! Made me feel like a million bucks to get those words.


Baby napped for a dreamy two hours, and I not only got my exercise in, but also went through my assignment for the Novel Writing Essentials course I’m taking, buffing it up to a beautiful polish. THEN, femmeputer crapped out, deleted everything, and left me rage-screaming into a pillow. (Yes, I’m fully aware that that was immature. Yes, I realize it’s probably just evidence of pandemic-stress-buildup hitting that final straw. And, yes, I realize I did everything I tell my nearly 7yo not to do when he’s frustrated, so I am humbler today than I was yesterday.)

But, I *also* received Femmeputer 2.0 yesterday (sooooo shiny!), so perhaps Femmeputer 1.0 was simply trying to Harry and the Hendersons me: Go on! Get out of here! It’s been ten years! I don’t want to work for you anymore! I hate you! I’ll delete your stuff, you rotten writer! JUST GO! *sobs with love*

Anyway… I’m doing better now. I’ve got most of my documents for WIPs on the new computer, which is snappy and slick and not bogged down by bloatware and years of slo-mo videos. It’s a fresh start, and I’m looking forward to writing SO MANY BOOKS on this thing.

But the old Femmeputer served me well for years and years and years. She just couldn’t anymore, and I’ve forgiven her for her glitching out yesterday. Long Live Femmeputer!

Today I’ve had entirely too much caffeine and an incredibly intense game of Splendor (which if you haven’t played, holy crap, do!), and I’m looking forward to a slower pace. I’m going to try either today or tomorrow to get the Jules Verne story locked down, so we’ll see how that goes. At least this week I managed to write 3,980 words, so not too shabby, even with yesterday’s freakout. One day at a time, ammiright? XD

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