A Five Sentence Story

I’ve been wanting to use up some ideas I’ve had kicking around for months (*cough* years *cough*) and just play with them a bit. I really enjoyed the Twitter challenge of writing a tweet-length microfiction per day in October (I only managed about four or five, I think, but they were fun all the same!), so I thought it might be a fun personal challenge to make myself write a five-sentence short story every Friday, just to practice.

Primarily, I’m trying to really lock in the short story structural requirements: a character, in a situation, with a problem, which they try to solve, until the highest tension/emotional moment/climax where they either succeed or fail. I’m hoping I’ll get better at this as time goes on, but also it’s just fun to play sometimes. Also I get to play with formatting like I used to when I did book formatting for Apex Book Company, which is delightfully fun!

So here’s my first one, called “Driftwood Grey & Sea Foam White”:

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