The Hollowman’s Request – A 200 Word Story

(Because let’s face it, five sentences was HARD! Also, one thing I want to practice–not in this one, but in future stories–is sentence length/pacing, which is hard if you’re only allowed five…) But I still want to keep them as brief as possible, because otherwise it just gets to be too much to fit into the week. Hence: 200 words!

This idea comes from ages and ages ago, when I thought it’d be neat to write about a cult in which both the male and female priest/priestesses can bear children to replenish a world constantly torn by war and sickness and famine. I combined that with another idea for hollowmen, or assassins who lose their souls bit by bit with each life they take until they have nothing left. So there you go! This is the 200 word result.

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