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On the road again~

So here’s a short update from Yellowstone National Park! Still two days (today and tomorrow) shy of arriving in Portland, but the trip is going well. We stopped in Rochester, NY night #1, then headed to Fremont, OH for night #2. Night #3 was spent in Fairmont, MN, and then we got here (Gardinier, MT) last night. Shoving out early this morning (it’s 6:50 here), and checking out some of the sites.

Highlights (or lowlights) so far:

* Our caravan had engine trouble. Had to break off the group-trip earlier than expected, which was a bummer.

*Got mooned by a pasty white butt in NY, somewhere past Albany.

*We’ve been keeping count, and we’ve been passed (going +65mph) by 9 Priuses (Prii?), and we’ve seen 4 Previas (Hi Aaron!)

*Stopped by Niagara Falls. Pretty cool, but those Swiss waterfalls really spoiled me.

*Drove the scenic Iron Mountain Road up to Mt. Rushmore, saw a donkey (^_^) and two deer on the way. No buffalo (though the sign said: “Do not approach buffalo. They are dangerous.”). Andy was disappointed, but love the drive. Mt. Rushmore was also pretty cool.

*Drove through the Crow Indian Reservation and heard some of the Crow language. Very cool! ^_^

*Oh, pictures from yesterday!:

And now, back to radio silence.