Don’t Touch The Front Burner.

So we had a small fire in our apartment today. Just a small one, you know, the usual routine electric coil on the stove randomly bursting into flame. No biggie. It just scared the sh*t out of us and set the fire alarm off. YEAH! At least we managed to stop the fire pretty quick (it was actually out by the time I ran into the kitchen), turned off the stove, opened all the windows, and I stood flapping like an idiot beneath the fire alarm until it finally shut off. Thankfully, the building alarm (which would go off in all the other apartments) did not go off. Good thing, too, because it was rainy and gross out, and people would have been pretty pissed to have to stand out there until the fire department came. From past experiences with fire drills here, I get the unnerving impression that the fire department doesn’t really care if Freedom Quads burned down.

So that was exciting. ^_^

I was productive today, though! Besides almost burning the apartment down (I was boiling water at the time, believe it or not), I got my Legal Judgment assignment for Crime & Punishment in China done (hooray for me!!), which was pretty much the only thing I told myself I had to get done today. But I DID get it done, so I count that as productive. I could check it off my list.

I just deleted a whole paragraph in which I tried to be funny. You can thank me later.

The fire was pretty much the only thing of interest that happened today. My writing voice has somehow become very cynical in this entry. Interesting. I think I’ve been watching too much stand-up on Comedy Central.

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