Death warmed-over with a side of pancakes

I am exhausted. Oh, and sick. Yeah. Apparently everyone out here has contracted the Uber-Cold, and now I too have fallen victim to it. Yesterday I was completely out of commission, and today–though better–will be a nice, quite, slow one.

Did manage to sub “Penetration” this week, which is an accomplishment. I’m not expecting to sell it to this first place, mainly because I’m not sure it counts as SF enough (very likely doesn’t), so we’ll see. But I’ve got some other places in mind for it, too, so who knows? Maybe this story will eventually find a home.

I also managed to edit my commencement speech a little today and send it to my professor who is overseeing the whole thing. I hope it sort of fits what she wants. I detect a distinctly darker note in it, but at the same time, it is exactly what I’m feeling and thinking at this particular point in my life.

Parkfest is going on today. I’m not sure if I’m going to go, but entrance is free and they have free cotton candy and fried dough. Not sure I can resist that, even while sick.

Writing Goals, 2008

– 4 brand new, from scratch, stories

– 4 polished, ready to be subbed stories (can be from either the 4 new stories, or from any of the old Chekhov year or earlier stories)

– Finish the rough draft of the YA novel

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