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Skittles + Deadlines + Me = Productive

So I was actually productive today. I KNOW! I know what you’re thinking–she’s lying. Maggie is not productive. She is never productive. I saw that blog title–it has the word “deadlines” in it. She must have pushed everything back to the last minute, and now she’s all thrilled because she got done the stuff she should have done last weekend.

No. I mean, I’ve been productive. Today I not only prepped my presentation for Civil Rights (which technically, I got mostly done last weekend when I was panicking that it was due THAT Monday), but I also wrote my five-page paper for African Civilizations due Tuesday, and finished putting my portfolio together which isn’t due until Friday. TAKE THAT! Woo! *does happy productive dance!*

It’s been a long day, but somehow I managed to plow through everything I had to do. Not only THAT, but I did my dishes today too (which after being wiped-out sick the last three days, is quite a task). ^_^ I’m so proud of myself. This kind of thing just doesn’t happen.

But basically, that’s all I have to say. I sat the whole day doing homework, wishing I were doing something more fun, and now I’m going to have fun, maybe look for some fun new songs on iTunes, and just chillax. Chillax… I’ve been using that word a lot lately. Hmm. Strange.

Also, I’m scared I’m Typhoid Mary for publications recently. Seems like everywhere I sub to (even when they reject me) is close to either shutting down or going on haitus. I never hear about it until I’ve got something subbed to them. Am I jinxed? I hope not! T_T

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