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There are a lot of services out there for writers, and one of the ones you may have seen floating about (or not!) is Duotrope. Duotrope is a website for writers and editors that facilitates finding markets to send your fiction, and tracking your fiction submissions. It has one of the most comprehensive lists of… Continue reading IS DUOTROPE WORTH THE $5/MO SUBSCRIPTION FEE?

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Small Victories

Today in Mommy-Land Trying to get back on the blogging horse! This morning, Andy, the Little Man, and I went out with my good friend K--- to breakfast at Parker's Maple Barn (deeeeelicious). Little Man had tastes of pancake, non-spicy sausage, potato fries, and french toast, which he loved very much. While K--- and I… Continue reading Small Victories

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Hot Potato

Today in Mommy-Land Pretty standard day here in Mommy-Land, though I'm feeling much less hoarder-ish since I got the massive pile of laundry all tidied up Sunday. The Little Man took two naps--one about an hour and a half long (not bad), and one short forty-minute nap (meh) in bed. My mother also had a… Continue reading Hot Potato

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Dr. Eponymous & The Placebo Emporium

It all started with a birthday gift for my little sister back some fifteen-odd years ago. My sister was really into the idea of becoming a vet, so for her birthday, my parents saved up a bunch of old medicine containers and filled them with tic-tacs, Pez, Skittles, and Chiclets to use as "medicine" for… Continue reading Dr. Eponymous & The Placebo Emporium

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THREE QUESTIONS: Jacques L. Condor (Maka Tai Meh)

Jacques L. Condor (also known as Maka Tai Meh) has written one of the spookiest tales in this collection, and one of the hardest to put down. "Those Beneath the Bog" is a story of cultureĀ and spirituality running up against deadly secrets of the past. Prunie and her husband Martin are hunting for moose along… Continue reading THREE QUESTIONS: Jacques L. Condor (Maka Tai Meh)

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If you're tired of all the modern-day twists on zombies and want something eerie from a deeper past, look no further than "What Still Abides" by Marie Brennan. Set in pre-Christian England among druids and runes, Brennan weaves a chilling tale of death gone wrong. When a corpse refuses to stay down in his grave,… Continue reading THREE QUESTIONS: Marie Brennan