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My sister graduated from high school today! It was very hot, and very sunny, and despite my foresight which suggested I put on sunscreen, I got burnt. Bah. At least not on my face. My knees are bright red, though, and you can tell where I crossed them when I sat. :-/

But I did see a bunch of peeps! Like Hannah!! YAY!! ^_^ And Suzy too! Huzzah!! ^_^ There were a number of people from my grade actually, who have siblings in the class of ’08. I saw Danielle briefly, and Jen Edmonds, and Bobby Armfield. I think those were the only people from ’04 I saw, but if I saw you and didn’t mention you–(if you even read this, which I doubt)–I do apologize. It’ll be up to you to make a stronger impression on me next time. ^_-

Came home, ate yummy food and rum cake (Mmm! But why is all the rum cake gone?), and then took it easy for the rest of the day. That was very nice. Did some cartooning, too–playing around with style a bit, and inking/shading with a Bic pen. ^_^ I generally like the results. Could be fun, if only I had a comic story to illustrate from time to time. *shrugs* Ah well. Maybe someday.

Watched Hear No Evil, See No Evil, which was pretty darn funny. I’m hoping to go see The Happening tomorrow, whether or not it’s any good. I feel bad that for some reason the media has really turned against Shyamalan, because yes, all though his last series of movies since Signs have all been less than perfect, I do give him credit for being one of the few people in Hollywood with any original ideas. And most of the movies lately have sucked big time, so frankly, I don’t think Hollywood has any right to say anyone else’s movies stink. (That does not excuse the fact that Lady in the Water had about ten-too-many characters, which diluted the plot, took attention away from the core stuggle, and that Shyamalan gave himself too big a part (if we’re going for the Hitchcock thing, I’m fine with that, but don’t spend half an hour on yourself–you’re an OK actor, Shyamalan, but you’re not great. Stick to the writing and directing, and take only the small parts for yourself. One line, two tops. It makes us feel like you’re not just writing movies to give yourself major parts)).

And that’s my mini-rant! Enjoy! ^_^

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