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The NOT Happening…


You know, I’ve been really supportive. Even when everyone else says he sucks, I’ve tried really hard to argue his side. But… Wow.

Suckage has reached a brand new level.

I am…still shell-shocked by the sheer degree of suckage.

I could say more, but I won’t. I want to salvage what little I can of this day. We’re doing fireworks later, so that’ll be fun. I need to see something explode.

On the plus side, watching this movie made me feel infinitely better about my “functional” chapter 3 that I wrote this morning. At least I can write dialog.

3 thoughts on “The NOT Happening…”

  1. Much as I appreciate the very ethical withholding of names, now I want to know whose suckage has reached a brand new level. Because I’m nosy like that.

    Sorry about his suckage, whoever he is. <3

  2. I always found him too full of himself and his whole “let’s make it a SURPRISE ending” schtick. He can make decent movies up until the surprize ending, usually (barring Unbreakable, which was just awful).

    Exempli Gratia: The Village was all geared up to be a good movie of its own accord, then the girl had to hop over the damn wall. Movie should have ended right there with the car almost hitting her. But NOOO we have to see Shyamalan’s deer-in-headlights face explain that her amish ass ain’t so far back in time as she thought. Then the whole scene with the opening of the trunks to reveal *gasp* photographs and *gasp* baseball caps *gasp gasp!* I think I quite literally flipped the screen off.

    American audiences are stupid, I’ll give you that, but I’ve got the requisite two brain cells to rub together to figure out that when I see an SUV almost hit some girl whose little village elders lied to everyone about the monsters that they just maybe kinda might possibly have lied to everyone about other things, too.

    Haven’t bothered to watch anything by him since. Thanks Shyamalan, you’ve taught me I can save myself $9 by not going to your crappy movies in theatres. <3

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