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Oh my word. I think Wall-E, the new Pixar/(Disney?) movie, is just about the cutest movie I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Ever. Granted, it could be my time of the month when everything strikes me as particularly adorable and touching, but my eyes leaked through the whole movie. Not crying, just leaking–the perpetual watery-eyed “OH MY WORD THAT IS SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!”

Even Andy thought it was adorable. We plan on buying the DVD when it comes out.

Not only was it cute, but it was well plotted, with great characters (Eve is hilarious – Bad temper, anyone?), great dialogue between the robots (which is minimal, save for electronic vocalizations of each others names–it’s amazing how much you can communicate with that and physical gestures alone!), and on top of that, it had some very interesting sub-themes to think about without being preachy at all (which is amazing at a time when Hollywood seems to have to jam environmentalism (which I even agree with!) down everyone’s throats vaguely disguised as “fiction” – The Happening, anyone?). Granted, as a fan of robots in fantasy and SF, and having written a ton of robot characters myself, I personally have a soft spot for unspeaking robots. Clicks, whirs, shrugs, all that stuff is just so much stronger as a communication platform (in my opinion), not to say that Asimov didn’t do a marvelous job with his robots, or Philip K. Dick with his Nexus 6. I just like the slightly more rustic, moderately humanoid, silent (language wise) robots, slightly verdigised or rusted, simple but with big mind and big hearts.

So naturally, Wall-E played right into my heart.

I am SO going to make a life-sized felt Wall-E, because I wanted to hug him through the whole movie (just imagine me squeaking quietly to myself: I’ll hold your hand, Wall-E!!!), but couldn’t… because it was a movie. Well! I’m planning a life-sized Wall-E so I can hug him whenever I like. I may also do an Eve, but I haven’t quite decided on that yet. Hey, I can go small, why not large?

1 thought on “Wall-E”

  1. Aaaaaah, you saw Wall*E? Can’t wait!!! Great to read you were smitten by it. Hope to see it somewhere in West-Canada, next week (holiday…woohoo!).
    Marloes/Sengaia, from the Phorum

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