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Like tears in the rain…

Had lunch with Kelly today! Hooray! ^_^ It was good fun, and I totally got those delicious habanero chicken wings. Mmmm! They are so deliciously awesome and insanely, evilly hot! Oh, but so good!

After that, I came back here and FINALLY got some writing done. 2,000 words on Chapter 3! Hooray! Obviously far from perfect, but it touches on some key things I want to put in there, and it brings out a little more about Marha and Keon both. Working on finishing that up sometime this weekend.

Also got two critters reviews done! Hip-hip-hooray! That means I’m only 4+ short of pulling my average up so my own stuff can go out! Now if only I’d edit something enough to put up in the queue…

Had left-overs for dinner and watched Blade Runner. It sucked. I’ve read the book it’s based on (Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep), and the book was very good. Not my absolute favorite, but it was well executed and made one think. The movie, though, was just bad. It doesn’t follow the book plot at all, to it’s own peril. I still don’t know where the unicorn came from. Also, Roy’s head doesn’t match his body–he looks like he should be lean and ripped, but actually, he has a grandfather body. It’s… kind of creepy–in the not intending to be, kind of way. Especially when he wears those high-cut pants. Ugh.

Unfortunately for them, the worst part about the film was Harrison Ford’s acting. To think he made this between Raiders of the Lost Arch and Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. We both got really tired of him making his “surprised” face about half-way through the film. After that, we just gave up and started trying to talk our way through. Unfortunately again, unlike Terminator, it’s not a film that sets itself up for really witty viewer comments. So it ends up just being dull.

Here, so far, is our list of WORST MOVIES EVER111!!!

1. The Happening

2. Curb Your Enthusiasm (TV series – so technically, not a movie, but still, it sucked.)

3. The Wild

4. Buckaroo Bonzai (this is our gage for sucky movies)

5. Blade Runner

So there you go, the running list of movies that truly suck. If you want to save your time and money, don’t ever bother to rent any of these. Unless your a masochist, in which case, knock yourself out.

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