Apex Magazine, Journal, Portland/Oregon

Whirlwind of Busy!!

So it’s been a busy day today. Right off the bat, though, Andy and I met up with Kaku! *Waves to Kaku!* It was great seeing him, and he took us around Portland to see the city. We ate at Escape from New York Pizza, which was awesome, and then we “helped” (as much as we can, considering we don’t know one part of Portland from the other lol) him find a Fred Meyer optical center, because he’s going overseas and needed some optical stuff taken care of first. ^_^

Then he dropped us off back at the apartment (he’ll be over again on Monday for dinner) and I hunkered down to get some Apex work done. Had a few submissions, but mostly tried to catch up a little on some of the other editor stuff. Sometimes I think I’m the evil sub editor, because I’m really hard to please. But I can’t help it that I’m picky, and hey–the others can override me easily, and I’m totally cool with that. ^_^ Chatted with the Big Chief, also, and am tentatively in charge of marketing the fabulous Brandy Schwan’s limited release chapbook Catacombs and Photographs. So check it out if you’re reading this and you happen to like dark, creepy poetry!

Other than that, I’ve been starting the excruciating process that is job searching. Bah. College just dumps you on your butt, it seems. I never feel like I have all that many marketable skills, but I know I do, and I’m a really hard worker and a pretty quick learner to boot. That’s got to be worth something, eh?

But otherwise just trying to maintain sanity. (And I still love this IKEA table. Mmmm… cheap and pretty things… ^_^)

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