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Wired Up!

At last, like a cold drink after wandering in the desert, we’ve got our internet all hooked up and running. In fact, it’s a heck of a lot faster than any internet service I’ve ever had. So nice! ^_^ I’ve felt completely helpless without being tapped into the system, sad though that may be. Trying to get back into the swing of things (like paying credit card bills/balancing the funds (OUCH) and trying to find a job (ugh)). But then there are the fun things, too, like updating this blaag and watching hilarious South Park episodes online without having to wait every five seconds for more of the video to load. Much fun!

Also linked back into the Infernal Apex Minion Army at long last, which is a delight. Glad to be back to work at long last. It’s been driving me nuts this last week being so out of the loop. Cleaned out my submissions IN box, also, which was good, so now I’m all caught up and ready for this week’s batch. Also updated the guidelines on Guidevines For Writers. Maybe this will help clear up some of the guideline confusions I’ve seen filtering into my inbox.

Besides all that, Andy and I have been slowly trying to bring a little hominess to our apartment (which up until now has looked like a Sims house built from scratch without rosebud (therefore, no furniture)). Sunday we went to IKEA (see previous post) and bought a small dining room table with four chairs and a bed set (frame, mattress, linens, etc.). We were happily surprised at how easily it all came together! It’s like legos for adults! ^_^

Very pleased with the results. I LOVE this table. It makes me happy. ^_^ Plus, it’s nice having somewhere to sit, besides the floor.

Made dinner last night and tonight, first two home-cooked meals we’ve had in the last week or so. Feels good to have some slightly more substantial food in our stomachs.

Writing Stuff:

Not too much, sadly. Have two stories out circulating, but I’m not expecting too much from those. As for “Earthbound” (which is the current editing project), haven’t touched it since moving, but hey, I guess that’s to be expected, right? Still, I feel rusty and out of writing shape, which makes me borderline grumpy. Also need to crack the whip and get to tweaking “Mimicry” which has also been sadly neglected.

In fact, making a list of the projects I need to work on may be a good starting point. The two aforementioned titles being primary, followed by other various projects. Hmm… Gotta make the time.

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