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Happy Birthday Andy! ^_^

So yesterday was Andy’s birthday, and my interview day, so it was insanely busy. Probably the busiest day we’ve had since we moved out here.

First half of the day was devoted up updating some new images for the Apex T-shirts, researching DA contest set-up, while simultaneously getting cake stuff from Safeway and baking said cake. I also ironed my interview clothes and Andy’s khaki pants so we could both look nice for dinner out. Printed off a copy of my resume, got directions, got ID stuff together. Oh, and forgot to eat lunch. Lol.

Second half of the day, starting at 2:00, we headed downtown for the interview. We got there about forty-five minutes early, so we hung out until 2:30 before I headed in. The interview itself went really well. It was a group interview for the placement agency (not for a specific job), but it was very comfortable, and I’m glad I didn’t underdress. The CampusPoint staff seems really friendly and helpful, so I’m looking forward to working with them.

After the interview, I met up with Andy (who had been wandering around downtown Portland during the interview), and we strolled around trying to locate the three Indian food places that he’d picked out as possible birthday dinner spots. It was still pretty early, and a lot of the places didn’t serve dinner until 5:30, so we hit up Pinocchio’s happy hour for some drinks and appetizers. I love going there; it always makes me feel so rich and chic. Probably helped that we were both in formal-wear (I was in a femme powersuit lol), so we actually fit in with the business crowd there.

After that, we strolled (a little dizzily because we’re lightweights) over to India House at the corner of Morrison and 11th. That place is fantastic! The vegetable pakoras and the chicken tikka masala were unbelieveable. So delicious! We both ate a ton.

Full, happy, and no longer dizzy, we headed back to our car and went home. Watched two episodes of The Office in the hopes of making room for the cake (which I frosted when we got back), but we were still way too full to eat it. So that’s a task for today! ^_^

It was a lovely night out on the town, and since my parents had footed most of the bill, it was money-stress free! I am definitely starting to see why people love Portland so much. The downtown is just beautiful, with so many trees and parks, etc., and walking around is just fun.

This weekend we’re heading out to the coast to check out some of the small towns around those parts and to watch the sun set over the Pacific, which Andy has never seen before. Should be fun! ^_^ Maybe I can even get a little sun, because I’m so insanely pale right now. And when I notice that I’m pale… you know it’s REALLY pale. Blinding, probably. ^_^


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