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It’s been a pretty quiet day today. Other than finishing up some Apex stuff, and finally getting around to eating some of that birthday cake, Andy and I decided to make tonight our weekly pizza/movie day because we’ll probably be out later tomorrow evening (and Saturday is our usual day to do said pizza/movie set up).


So while I’ve been prepping the pizza (Jamison family recipe, of course), I also managed to do a lot of:

Writing Stuff

I finally got cracking on “Mimicry”! It’s been a long and exhausting week in writing terms, but at long last my Critters gauntlet is over. Now I can get back to building up my self esteem so I can actually write something without my inner editor yelling “It’s CRAP!” the whole time.

Figured editing was a good place to start, since my idea well has been a little dry for the time being. It’s probably simply because I haven’t been reading as much, because of the move, and because we don’t have a couch or anywhere suitable for reading besides the bed, which is fine for the most part, but still not where I tend to read. I am in the process of remedying this lack of literary fuel. Afterall, it is one of the Five Golden Rules of Writing (Read, Write, Edit, Submit, Repeat).

Anyway, started on editing. I’ve been retyping the whole story into a new document for this draft, because it helps me to evaluate the flow of the text and helps me to make even fairly large edits without feeling like I’m trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. So far, I’ve got about 6,000+ words edited into draft 2, and about the same amount to go. It’s huge, I know, especially for a short story, but I figure I’ll shoot it off to the WotF contest first, and then see what my options are from there. Until then, I’m just worrying about making it the best story I can.

Gotta say, though, I’m really loving this project. It’s been a while since I felt really proud of a piece of writing, but this one is definitely making its way into my heart. This probably means it will never be published, but ah well. At least I’ll have a fun, unpublished story to look at every now and then when I pull it out of my files. If nothing less, I’m having a blast working on it.^_^

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