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Easy Day

Been a pretty easy day today. Did some Apex work, checked the job listings, and finally went grocery shopping. Yeah- eating is good. Also signed up for Netflix yesterday (hooray!), so hopefully we’ll be getting our first batch tomorrow.

Writing Stuff

I finished editing draft 2 of “Mimicry” yesterday, and Andy gave it his first read. Then I shipped it off to my mother for the next bout of intense editing.

I also got some plotting work done on the infamous Marha story. The first part is tentatively called “Sins of the Father” which pretty much sums up the section. Trying to hammer out the action, solidify the negative forces, and rehash the old storyline to work with the new plot. I haven’t even started looking too much at the second part (tentatively, “Like Mother, Like Daughter”), or the third part (as yet, even tentatively untitled).

For those who are familiar with this ongoing blackhole of doom story, the Ring stuff will now be in part two, not in part one. It fits better in the second part, actually, and part one is busy enough without it.

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