In Response to a Little Inspiration…

Just read a post from one of my exceptionally talented friends, and she’s made me want to write out a list of things I want to do by the end of 2009. Likely, by comparison, it will be much less exciting, but tough! 

By the end of 2009:

– I want to have a 26 polished, stand-alone short stories, and I want to write them not caring about what anyone but myself thinks of them. 

– I want to pick up studying Chinese (Mandarin) again, or I want to start learning Spanish.

– I want to become more connected “religiously”, whatever that means–I’m not precisely sure myself

– I want to take the first steps in going back to school for a Masters in Elementary education. 

– I want to read more, regularly, both fiction and non-fiction

– I want to cook more

– I want to exercise regularly–whether that be finding a pool to do laps at or finding some kind of at-home regiment like pilates/yoga–something regular.

– I want to improve my painting/drawing

– I want to see more of Portland/Oregon and start making this place my own.

Heh heh, by comparison, definitely less exciting, but this last year was pretty busy for me–lots of life changes–so maybe it’s all right if this next year is a little calmer. ^_^

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