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When it rains…

This has been a very interesting week. From the apparently psychotic Portland snow, the days of difficult travel (because Portland is anything but used to or equipped for dealing with said snow), delayed X-Mas Eve plans (due to said snow and power outages), to huge wedding/x-mas presents, video conferencing, more snow, flights to catch, and kitty emergencies, it’s been a wild week. I won’t recap everything now, because I’ve only just finished with the last of these things, and am frankly quite drained. 

Ozzy is all right now, for the most part. We had a little scare last night when there was obvious blood in his litter box. Tried to get him into an emergency vet clinic (after calling them and them recommending I do so), but after driving around in the insane snow tracks (because apparently Portland doesn’t plow…ever…) with the Jeep’s windows fogging up horribly and only smudging more when I tried to wipe it off, for nearly thirty minutes after Google Maps gave me the wrong directions to the animal hospital (it said I was supposed to go to a Bank of America, apparently), and after Ozzy had chewed his way through the cardboard carry-box (which the adoption center had given us back when we adopted the kitties) and run around the car while trying to climb on my lap and “help” me drive–I headed home defeated. 

Today, calmer and with far less cursing, I went to PetCo, got a proper carrying crate, and brought him in to the second vet clinic I looked up online last night. (Andy could only provide emotional support because he’s currently visiting his mom and brothers in TX, but that helped.) This place was very nice, and thankfully not very busy. They got Oz in right away, and although it was expensive, I had them do the blood work and whatnot to give him a good baseline for future assessments. He’s not a young cat anymore, and since we were planning to bring him and Mei in at some point anyway, I figured it wasn’t wasted money. I’d rather lean on the side of caution.

Anyway, long story short, Oz is home now, probably only suffering from an intestinal parasite which he now has medication for. He hates taking the medicine, but it’s a liquid, so it is a lot easier to get him to take it than if I had to give him a pill.

Now, I’m just tired and drained, and feeling the ache of the money no longer in my bank account. Ouch.

But I’m not the only one in financial ache, so I can’t complain. Apex Publications has also been hit pretty hard in these times, and if you’ve got even just a few bucks to spare, do check out their selection of really fantastic books. I know I have a number of them on my wish list! 

Also, keep an eye out on the Official Apex Blog! We’re going to have tons of content up there, all about SF/Horror/and writing. Be sure to check it out, as Yours Truly will likely be contributing fairly often! Starts on January 1st, so ring in the New Year with Apex! 

P.S.- To Kelly and Amanda–you guys just made my holidays. *LOVES!!*

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