At last, after eight years of work and sweat, the scrap rough draft of my first novel is finished. It’s a load of crap–most of it–but it’s DONE. I’ve never been able to pull this off before in any venue. I could consider the fact that this scrap draft is a summary draft to be somewhat less of a success, however I choose not to for the simple reason that I’ve never been able to complete a summary draft of it either! SO THERE!

Here it is:
[Untitled SF Novel]
Chapters: 58

Zokutou word meter
37,486 / 37,486

And now at last I can focus on something else for at least six months guilt-free before going back and fixing this horrible, horrible draft. lol ^_^ BUT AT LEAST IT’S COMPLETE! YAY!

Writing Goals 2008:

5/4 brand new rough drafts
– “Merge”
– “Hesperia”
– “Alien Spawn”
– “Hospice” (I’d forgotten about this one)
– “The Yawning” 

4/4 Edited, Submitable Drafts:
– “Earthbound”
 – “Mimicry”
– “Mechanical Difficulties”
– “The Road to Ki’o Ahi” (maybe a little bit of a stretch)

Rough Draft of YA SF Novel = FINISHED

I’ve pretty much covered my 2009 goals, but I figure I’ll post them up here again:

 Writing Goals 2009:

Modified Chekhov Year: One New Story every 2 weeks, with an emphasis on writing for myself.

And there we go! Out with 2008 and in with 2009! (And for you smart aleck pointing out that it’s already 2009, and that I’m two days late–here’s a note: 2009 writing year begins the first full week of January, which isn’t here yet. Sunday will be the first day of the first full week. So there. XP)

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