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It’s a sign of progress…

The weekend has been far too short. 

Friday, after work, Andy and I spent some time with his chiropractic comrade Joel and friend Theresa learning to play bridge. We learned very quickly that it would be a while before we ever deliberately win a “trick”, but that dumb luck can be pretty useful for the uninitiated beginner! ^_^ We also taught them to play cribbage, which–while far less challenging mentally–is a darn fun game. And a good time was had by all!

Saturday, we took Oz-bodkins to the vet again to look into his (this time, minor) health issue again. He’s perfectly happy and it doesn’t seem to be bothering him, so the vet doesn’t see much need for urgent action. We’ll just be keeping an eye on it, and if he starts neglecting food or water, then we can bring him in again. 

Other than that, we cleaned the apartment (which was in desperate need of a tidying), and Andy studied. I, on the other hand–despite the best intentions–did not get any writing done, on Thief Dilemma or [unnamed novella project title here]. Lame. This always seems to happen to me on weekend. I’ve got plenty of time, but I don’t use it at all. Did get some reading done, so that’s at least a little better. I still could have read *a lot* more. Bummer. I think that’s why I feel like this weekend was so unproductive.

Today, we did our usual routine of Pig N’ Pancake (yes, the name is terrible, but the food is pretty darn good), then grocery shopping at WinCo. Didn’t do a whole lot other than that, actually. Little reading, little youtube-ing, finished Earl, and then just finished The Secret Window. It’s not quite bad enough to put on our worst-movies-ever list, but about ten minutes in we had both guessed the ending, and then it was just long and drawn out from there. Ah well. Andy’s been studying all day getting ready for mid-terms, so at least he’s been productive, even if I haven’t! 

Writing Stuff:

On a semi-positive side note, “Mimicry” got an honorable mention in the Writer’s of the Future contest! Of course, it’s just an honorable mention, but still. I feel like it’s a definite sign of progress since I haven’t received a mention before, while simultaneously reminding me that there’s plenty of room for improvement. Well, improve I shall! 

And “Mimicry” is waiting to head out to its next market.

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