Apex Magazine


So, not sure how far this has spread yet, but we got the sad news today: Apex Magazine is going on indefinite hiatus. I had heard rumblings that this might occur, but I hadn’t realized it was quite so imminent. This means all the stories we currently have in our queue are being released back to their authors, and we will be closed for short fiction submissions.

THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO APEX BOOK COMPANY. Apex Book Company is still open to book submissions, as far as I’m aware, and will continue to be so. Most of us submissions editors are turning our attentions from slushing to various other positions in the APEX EMPIRE. 

While it is a sad announcement for us, and likely for many of the prospective authors who had stories submitted to us, this is good news for Apex Book Company, which is where we get most of our revenue anyway. Some of you may be aware that when I started out with Apex, I was also one of the Marketing Fairies, which I ceased to be–to large degree–due to the sheer volume of submissions which required my attention. Now, I will be reverting back to Marketing Fairy, and am looking forward to the challenges that presents while Apex Magazine is on hiatus. 

We don’t expect Apex Magazine to stay closed permanently, so keep an eye on Apex’s website for updates about our submission status.

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