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Changes be Brewin’

Don’t know how much I can talk about stuff yet, so I’ll have to save my other, more informative post for later, once it’s finally officially announced. 

The Day Score:

+ There is such a thing as a free lunch! Go NCA! ^_^

+ THE HOUSE IS STILL CLEAN. (I know. I’m scared, too.)

– Sad news from above, which I’m not sure I can actually mention yet.

+ Having more time to work on marketing stuff for Apex.

+ Writing went well today. See below.

= (+4) v. (-1) = Not Bad. ^_^

Writing Stuff:

It was a good day for writing, and I blame the spicy yakisoba for that. Mmmm. Delicious. Finished (for all intents and purposes until I re-read it later) the first section of Chapter 17 for “Thief Dilemma”. The second section has been done for a while, so now I get to move on to the third section! YAY! ^_^

Also went through a scene of “UNTITLED NOVEL PROJECT” which I’ve been slowly tinkering with, getting a feel for character’s POV and voice, and am still–shockingly–amused by it. ^_^

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