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Hotwings and a Handful of Words

Went out for hotwings tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings! Mmm… Wings… I am horrible at eating wings. I hate veins, and I’m always so nervous about getting one that I pick at the tiny bits of meat like a cat with no teeth. It’s more like licking. I usually get a wing to the point of having a hole in the middle of two still very obscured bones before I pass it off to Andy, who cleans the bones to saintly relics. I do, however, love boneless “wings”. Plus, the messiness of wings compliments my already pitifully messy style of eating. (It doesn’t matter how hard I try to be neat! In fact, the more I try, the more I spill, smear, drip, and smudge!)

Also got my starting allotment of Apex Book Company novel submissions in my inbox today. It’s amazing how much I missed getting actual, non-spam mail! I really like being able to spend the time on a single story, so I think I’m going to enjoy this new submissions role. 

Writing Stuff:

Got 600+ words of the second chapter of the “UNTITLED NOVEL PROJECT”. I really do worry that I over-think waaaaaaaay too much. Still trying to decide if I like those 600+ words, or if I want to approach the scene in a different way. I worry a little bit that I’ve introduced too many characters too fast in this second scene, when really the focus needs to be on my heroine and my heroine alone. Then again, who she is is intricately connected to how other people see her and the face she puts toward them, so perhaps it’s the right place to start after all.

Don’t know. I’ll re-read it tomorrow and if it sticks, it sticks, and if not, then back to the drawing board for this chapter. I can’t bear to follow up Chapter 1, which feels so strong to me, with a blatantly weaker chapter simply because I can. And I know I can write in her voice, because I’ve got two pretty solid scenes which tell me I can. Just need to loosen up and find the groove, baby.

Need to plan out my to-do list again. This whole last month’s been both really productive and a complete wash. Novel Progress = GOOD! Short Work Progress = BAD! When I get my crap together, I’ll post the list on here so I’ll at least have to answer to this blog if I slack off or get diverted.

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