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The APEX Lottery: Like Shirley Jackson’s, but with more prizes!

The APEX Lottery: Like Shirley Jackson’s, but with more prizes!

When APEX GLOBAL DOMINATOR Jason Sizemore suggested a lottery to me, I immediately thought of Ms. Jackson’s deadly tale and relished the idea of a human bloodfest. However, as an overzealous invader and naïve in the ways of the human legal system, it was up to AGD Sizemore to explain to me that what human beings like more than gruesome death is a pile of free stuff which involves gruesome death! Lucky for us, we’ve positioned our minions in such a way as to give us an abundance of deliciously dark things to lure in unsuspecting human prey.

For those humans with a taste for the beautiful, yet deadly, we have a collection of Jennifer Pelland treats: UNWELCOME BODIES, AEGRI SOMNIA, and APEX DIGEST #8. If a human is looking for something particularly other-worldly, we’ve got a web of Lavie Tidhar delights: THE APEX BOOK OF WORLD SF, HEBREWPUNK, and a feast of APEX DIGESTS featuring Tidhar’s talents. Humans who can’t be satiated by the typical—nay, TAME—venues, we have an orgy of Wrath James White’s work: ORGY OF SOULS, HERO, and SUCCULENT PREY. Mmm, succulent prey. That’s just what was on my mind.

And while this may not involve as much human carnage as I might have originally liked, I am beginning to see the brilliant subtly of AGD Sizemore’s plans for world domination.

Dare to try your luck?

2 thoughts on “The APEX Lottery: Like Shirley Jackson’s, but with more prizes!”

  1. What about death? How does the death in this lottery compare with that in Shirley Jackson’s?

    1. 2:1 ratio. The idea is to be stoned with books, though, which could potentially kill you, I suppose. XD

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