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A Productive Weekend

It feels like it’s been a productive weekend, though I’m not sure it’s more than a feeling. I did get a lot of writing done yesterday (as of this instant, about +3k on “DARK MATTER: or, HOW I FINISHED THE NEVERENDING NOVEL”), and had fun watching Dexter with Kaku and his fam!

We started cleaning up the rat-nest today, too, since the living room, et. al, were starting to get unlivable. What with Andy’s finals and my work trip this last week, we just kind of let things go. But it’s looking a little better now; Boomba has scooted around the carpet and made it all clean, which in and of itself is a huge improvement. The kitchen is still a wreck, and we haven’t done grocery shopping yet… hmm… Gotta eat cheap this week. I need to balance the budget too… Boy, is that something I’m not looking forward to! XD

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