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Getting Back into the Groove

It’s been a busy first week of being twenty-four! Not that anything has particularly changed since I was an old 23, but you know what I mean.

I’ve finally managed to get internet during my lunch break without having to drive 20 minutes to get to Barnes & Noble! Our Clearwire device works if I bring it in to work, so I’ve been plugging into that during my break in order to get loads and loads of Apex-related work done. It’s turning out fabulously. I get more work done because I’m not distracted like I am at home, and when I get home, I don’t have to do any more work. I can take some time to keep my mental sanity and actually get to hang out with the hubby and kitties! Hooray! It’s so nice. I can already feel the stress levels subsiding.

I also put up (if you noticed) TWO Slush Lessons, because this last weekend was insane, and I didn’t get a chance to put any up on Sunday. So you get two! And expect the next, as it should be, on Sunday.

Did I mention I ran TWO MILES without stopping this last week? I DID! Don’t give me those incredulous looks. I didn’t “walk fast” or even pause at one mile to catch my breath. No stopping at all! Two whole miles! And I didn’t feel like death at the end! O.O I haven’t done that since high school–no! since JUNIOR high!–when I had a few brief weeks with the high school long-distance team.

I feel so fit. (And shut up, I know there are people who run more! Andy ran eight just Tuesday. I’m still proud of myself! XP)

Writing Stuff:

Keeping decent pace with the novel work. Since I’ve switched the Apex stuff with the Writing stuff, it’s had to take the hit once or twice for the social life, but I’ve been getting a lot more words on the page, despite that. I’ve been having to stop myself not because I’ve hit a creative block, but because it’s getting late and I need to get to bed so I can get up for work in the morning.

I’m definitely liking the flexibility writing at home offers, even with the distractions (like blogging… >.O).


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